New Beginnings - The Making of STLWTR Fishing Co.

Last year while fly fishing one of Southeast Idaho’s lakes, the vision of STLWTR Fishing Company "hatched".  The morning had been very productive once the puzzle had been worked out.  We were around a several other boats, and unfortunately these other anglers had not found that important puzzle piece.  One boat came over to me and humbly began asking me questions. The two boys that were boat mates to their Dad sat quietly, honed into what I was saying, with every bit the attention their favorite video game would have garnered.   

We’ve been practicing this art of fishing lakes, ponds and reservoirs for over three decades. The overlooked, and sometimes daunting angling opportunities that our stillwaters offer have rewards that any angler can take advantage of. 

That evening, there was another boat that got to enjoy what we all go fishing for. The grins and giggles from that father/son team hatched STLWTR. 

The goal here at STLWTR is to help shorten the learning curve for anglers wanting to spend more time fishing stillwaters. 

STLWTR Fishing Co wants to shine a spotlight on what great angling opportunities await for those who want to explore new waters. Waters where the fish are bigger, that offer the fly tier endless hatches to match. Stillwaters are for the angler who wants to learn the more challenging aspects of fly fishing. 

STLWTR is your new crew!!  We are a family of anglers. Young and old, seasoned and beginners, guys and gals. 

Join us every week on our blog as we discuss new topics, fishing technics, fly tying, or destinations. 

Until next time, get out there and wet a line on a local lake or pond, and remember, we measure our fish in pounds, not inches!

Welcome to STLWTR Fishing Co.

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